Introduction Of Company

Hikmat Asia Sdn Bhd (HASB) was incorporated on 12 July 2002 and ISO 9001 certified.  HASB main business is focusing in the following areas:-
  • Railway construction work such as Laying of Track, Station Building, Civil and Structure and other related infrastructure work.

  • Railway Signalling Design and Engineering Works Consultant &Installation works

  • Railway Communication Design and Engineering Works such as Fiber Optic Transmission Network,PABX and PAX Type SPT System, CCTV, Passenger Information and Public Address System, Automatic Fare Collection System, Train Radio System and Station Automation.

  • Automatic Train Protection (ATP) System Wayside design and engineering work.

  • Project Management Consultant for Railway Signalling and communication

  • Utility Services Contractor such as TNB Electrical Works and Telecom Malaysia

  • Electrical Works (Cabling, Wiring and Testing & Commissioning of Equipment)

  • Railway Project (System) Feasibility and Viability assessments.

HASB has competent management team with vast experience in corporate management, consultancy, Signaling and Control System, Communication and ATP Design, Installation, Testing and commissioning. HASB also has a very strong support from our joint venture partners in terms of capital and expertise for implementing those projects which are awarded to the company.

In the development and pursuance of major projects, HASB will enhance and strengthen itself through alliances with leading corporations in related sectors both locally and abroad. Proven multidisciplinary teams are capable of handling the most demanding projects to the strictest timescales. Our capacity to understand our clients’ needs comes from our unique combination of skills and unrivalled experience of managing railway projects.

In other words Hikmat Asia Sdn Bhd provides a wide range of railway engineering services and solutions, including civil and rail track profile, permanent way, mechanical, electrical, electrification, signaling and communication together with architecture, project management and services, transport planning and environmental services.

We will not compromise in quality, as such we have practice and established a rule of quality objective. Our quality objectives are to:

      • Use the Quality Management System as a tool in achieving best practice;

      • Ensure continuous improvement of the quality and consistency of the service that we provide;

      • Ensure all staff are competent to carry out the duties required of them;

      • Ensure effective communication processes are in place;

      • Operate effective supplier management processes to ensure our suppliers have the ability to provide a safe and reliable service that meets our requirements;

      • Regularly review the needs and expectations of our clients and initiate continuous improvement activities to meet their expectations.

The Management Team is committed to ensuring this Policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels within the organization. It seeks the co-operation of all staff in maintaining the high standards in the services provided to our clients that contributes to the success of the Company.

With experiences in those businesses, HASB has its vision to grow together with the nation. HASB is also planning for the future development of the company. Therefore we are working closely with the government sectors, private sectors and financial institution in order to get their advice and support.